Garage Doors - Side hinged

Complete range of side hinged garage doors

Side hinged garage doors work in the same way as a regular door. Suitable for all purposes, hinged garage doors are ideal when using your garage as a utility or storage area.

The simple hinge mechanism makes these some of the quietest garage doors available - particularly handy if you tend to use your garage late at night or early in the morning.

Like all of the garage doors available at AGD Dorflo Ltd, we can install a fully-automated side hinged garage door, or independently automate your existing one.

Why choose a side hinged garage door from AGD Dorflo Ltd?

  • Virtually no noise when opening and closing
  • Make the most of your internal garage space
  • Can be manual or automated
  • Choose from a wide range of styles and colours
  • Available in timber, steel and ABS plastic

Unsure of which garage door is the right choice for you?

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