Garage Doors - Traditional up and over garage doors

Traditional up and over garage doors

Designed to glide back into the garage space when opening, up and over garage doors do exactly what they say on the tin. From a basic option to suit the tightest of budgets, to a luxury maintenance-free, powder-coated GRP garage door - we've got it covered.

Up and over garage doors fall into two main categories for the types of operating mechanism - canopy or retractable.


The simplest and most common type of up and over garage door. If your garage is narrower than 8 feet, a canopy garage door could be the ideal choice for you. When open, a small section of the door protrudes from the roof of the garage, forming a canopy - hence the name.


Steadily increasing in popularity, retractable garage doors completely retract into the garage, leaving no overhang and your garage entrance completely clear. They're more suited to garages that are wider than 8 feet.

Why choose an up and over garage door from AGD Dorflo Ltd?

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Suitable for almost any type of garage
  • Large variety of styles and colours to choose from
  • Range includes basic garage doors at very affordable prices
  • Manual or remote control operated
  • Available in steel, timber, ABS plastic and GRP